Syntec Servo Motor

F series. Z series.

  • Syntec F-series motor covers a range from 400W up to 5KW.
  • Its specification follow the machine tool industry with frame size spanning from 80, 100, 130 and 180 mm.
  • NIKON Encoder, resolution is either 22 or 24 bits (up to 16777216 / rotation).
  •  Up to IP67 protection class.

Syntec Single-Axis
Servo Drive


  • Supports both 220V and 380V.
  • Currently we have options for anything below 5.5KW.
  • Our products are mainly designed for the machine tool industry. However, Syntec also provide drive solution below 1KW that is designed to cater the automation market.

Syntec Multi-Axis
Servo Drive


  • 4-in-1 driven architecture fulfills demands including lathe and automation appliance. 
  • Meet various applications of machine tools like lathe, tapping machine, vertical machining center, and engraving machine.
  • Spindle supports at most 1-5 kW and axis supports at most 3 kW.

Syntec Spindle Motor

M series.

  • Range from 5.5KW up to 22.5KW.
  • Supports KTY84 temperature detection. Optional 220V and 380V voltage inputs.
  • Versatile spindle motor for satisfactory application.
  • Both vertical and horizontal installation for high compatibility.
  • Syntec 18 bit serial HD encoder.

Syntec Spindle Driver


  • Supports both 220V and 380V.
  • Currently we have three specifications (11KW, 18.5KW and 30KW) that should be able to handle most demand on the machine tool industry.

Syntec Encoder Ring


  • Serial communication type encoder resolution up to 990,000.
  • Syntec hollow-type encoder is designed for high-speed spindle application (maximum 30000 rpm).
  • Suitable for applications such as lathe double feedback, semi-closed loop, and electric spindle.
  • Inner diameter from 20 mm up to 125 mm.

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