Leantec 6 Axis Robot

Leantec Technology established in 2018. Amidst global trend of Industry 4.0, businesses are trying to have a lean production process. Leantec offers clients complete solutions to realize the vision of smart manufacturing. With the support of multiple distributors, Leantec is well experienced in digital, physical integration and on site services.

Leantec 6 axis robot provides arm length range from 600 mm to 3200 mm, and load capacity range from 4 kg to 300 kg.

Leantec Robot Cell

Machine Pick-and-Place

For CNC machine tending, LEANTEC provides a total solutions of robot, measurement, laser marking and Fixtures helping costumers import robot into production line and quarantine the quality of product.

Robot Welding Cell

LEANTEC provide total solution of welding automation including welding robot, external axis, welder, galvo scanner control system and arc welding APP.

Small-Volume Large-Variety Machine Tending with RF-ID

LEANTEC providing solutions for small-volume large-variety machine tending. Taking graphite electrode production for example, we help customers implement Industry 4.0.

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